Mindset: What are you missing that is in plain sight?

January 30, 2017

A large part of what I help people to do is to adjust their “mindset.” It’s such an ephemeral term to people that haven’t ever considered it before. It is hard to concretely explain the power of shifting your mindset, but when it happens it is unmistakable.


One morning I was rushing off to a Meet Up event and I was feeling like…well, crap. I was tired, stressed, and anxious about who I would meet and if I would connect with anyone. It was raining and miserable outside. I finally got to the workshop and found out I didn’t have enough cash. I had to venture back out into the rain to find an ATM. I couldn’t see a branch of my bank nearby, so I walked for three blocks to a different bank. I paid a $3 fee and got yelled at by a homeless man camped out in the foyer. I schlepped my way back to group and walked into the event feeling soaked, tired, insecure and like…well, crap.


"It is hard to concretely explain the power of shifting your mindset, but when it happens it is unmistakable."


In the next two hours, I mingled with others, shared experiences, and learned from others’ ideas and expertise. Each interaction peeled off a layer of the stress and fatigue that had built up all morning. I left the event feeling confident, motivated, and energized by the people I had met.


I stepped outside and was stunned when I looked up. Directly across the street was a branch of my bank. What I has been looking for was right in front of me and I couldn’t see it. That is the power of mindset. You see things you would otherwise miss.


What thoughts and beliefs are blinding you? What opportunities and connections are you missing due to tunnel vision?



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