Tools for change

Mind-Setting for Goal Setting

How to set, plan and achieve your goals.

Have you set goals over and over again only to give up again and again? Do have a big dream, but no plan to get there? Have you ever achieved a goal, but somehow still felt disappointed? This 90-minute workshop will help you to set realistic goals, create a plan of action, and ensure you feel fulfilled and proud when you reach the finish line. You will walk away with tips and strategies to be an effective and successful goal-setter!

90 minutes

Up to 20 People

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Take Back Your Time

Do you get to the end of your “busy” day and can’t remember what you got done? Do you have big picture plans that you never seem to find time for? Do you have a to-do list for “when I have time” items? This workshop will help you become more conscious of where your time is going, so you can plan more effectively, set realistic deadlines, and get high priority projects done. You will start to identify your priorities, spend less time in crisis mode, overcome procrastination, and set boundaries.


90 minutes

Up to 20 People

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Get Out of the Box

What’s blocking you from reaching your potential? Do you have tools, resources, and a plan, but you still don’t get anything done? Do your goals always seem just a little bit out of reach? Are you having trouble getting started and don’t know why? This workshop will help you identify hidden energy blocks that have been keeping you from moving forward and reaching your potential. You will develop self-awareness, so that when fears and self-sabotaging thoughts pop up, you can notice them, squash them, and move on!


90 minutes

Up to 10 People

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