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believe it’s possible for everyone to create a fulfilling and prosperous career they love.                       

At times we may feel stuck, unsure, or not know what our next steps should be.

I became a life coach to inspire people to lean into their transitions with courage, honesty and optimism.

My search for a purposeful career has taken me through several industries, such as media and real estate, in a variety of capacities. Being able to adapt and keep my footing through the career transitions has made all the difference. Today, I don’t just adjust to change, I THRIVE through change.

Whenever chaos broke out, I kept my eye on the prize. I would ask, “How are we going to address this problem?”

In my decade-long quest for personal and professional development, I honed my skills in the areas of communication, conflict resolution, negotiation, time-management, goal setting and organization. I am most influenced by an array of thought leaders such as Steven Covey, Krista Tippett, Adam Grant, Spencer Johnson, Seth Godin, and Brené Brown.

I have experienced first-hand all the excitement, fear, anxiety, and joy that accompanies change. Let me be your co-pilot, as you make your own change.


  • Concordia University, Montreal -- Journalism and Communication Studies

  • IPEC Coach Training Program accredited by the International Coaching Federation  

  • Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner Certification

  • Toastmasters International – Public Speaking & Leadership Training Program

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