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Throwing sand is a bad marketing strategy...

Many people who set out to market themselves or a product make the mistake of not being clear on what they are selling and who they are trying to reach. This is just like throwing sand at other people on the beach. You annoy a whole bunch of people who may or may not be interested in what you have to offer, and definitely want nothing to do with you now.

The sand-throwing marketing plan involves posting haphazardly on social media, spending scarce resources on pricey conferences and networking events to compete with other sellers, and entering each conversation with the desperate hope that this person will become a customer or know someone who will become a customer.

This strategy may get you some short-term attention, but if people don’t immediately see value in what you are offering, they will move their towels to a different section of the beach. The cost of throwing sand is that even if you finally get your message crystal clear you may have a hard time finding a friendly spot among the beach crowd. They will remember you were that person who threw sand at them. It will take a whole lot of great service, freebies, and cleverness to get their attention again.

Before you go bursting on the scene, get real clear on what it is you offer and who your audience is.

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