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You’re Not Flaky. You’re a “Scanner”

If you have ever felt like you need to pick a career and stick with it or people won’t you take you seriously, then you NEED to check out Barbara Sher’s books. I just finished her 2009 book Refuse to Choose. It explains that not specializing in one area, can be leveraged in a way that makes you valuable to employers and consumers, AND (most importantly) makes you happy. You can have both, so refuse to choose between a “responsible” job and a life that will bring you joy and fulfillment.

Sher reminds readers that history was filled with renaissance men and woman. Ben Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci were both brilliant in a variety fields. When did we become a society that expects you to decide at 18 what you want to be when you grow up and marry it forever? (Actually it was in the mid-20th century…she talks about that in the book.)

If you ever felt like their so many things that you want to do that you end up doing nothing, this book will help you get started. There are resources to help you create a great action plan to get started.

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