You’re Not Planting an Acorn. You’re Pruning a Mighty Oak.

After I left for college, my parents sold the house my sisters and I grew up in and bought a new home that offered more peace and quiet. It came with a huge yard surrounded by big tall oak trees. This meant one of the yard chores was picking up all the fallen acorns before they could take root.

What’s interesting about oak trees is that an acorn will grow roots for 8-10 weeks before they send up any shoots. This means by the time the tree reaches a height where it needs to contend with wind and creatures, it has a solid root base that will ensure the tree has the water and strength to endure the challenges Mather Nature will send its way.

Our careers are the same way. Think about that first unpaid internship you had back in college. You weren’t changing the world and you had no money to show for it. BUT you were building professional relationships, you were getting a chance to navigate a work place, and you were developing the transferable skills that would serve you throughout your career.

Now, think about how you can use that strong root base and your tall stature to grow even taller.

Then a little sprout shot out of the grounds when you got your first “real” job or started your first business. You used the root base to feed your career and help it grow taller and stronger.

Eventually you became established and you had the clout/seniority/job title to hold you own through the seasons and changing weather.

If you feel stuck or like you don’t know if you have what it takes to weather the storm of career transition, think back to that deep, complex, and solid root structure you have beneath you. Think about all the storms and draughts you have stood strong through.

Now, think about how you can use that strong root base and your tall stature to grow even taller.



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