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When You Get Discouraged, Get Realistic.

For people who transition from one secure job to another, the shift can be relatively painless and seamless. For those leaving a secure job to start something on their own, the transition can take longer with growth spurts accompanied by growing pains.

Watching those who have made it to the top can be both inspiring and frustrating. You aspire to work hard and make it big like them. Meanwhile, the gap can be discouraging for someone just trying to launch a website and make ends meet.

Naturally, as struggles shrink away in the rearview mirrors, it’s easy to forget exactly how hard it was and minimize the stress and uncertainty. For the people experiencing the struggle now, it can be little consolation to hear someone on the other side say, “It’s going to be fine. You’ll see!”

At these moments when discouragement (and dare I say, envy) starts creeping up, it can be empowering to find a more relatable success story. Find a colleague who is a few years in and is seeing some success, but remembers what it was like to be where you are.

Remember: Anyone who has started something new, faces adversity, challenges and set-backs. It’s probably why so few people do it. And if you spot an overnight success story, I implore you to look closer. I bet there is more to that tale.

If discouragement is rearing its head and the Emerald City seems impossibly far away, try reaching out to someone just a little further down the Yellow Brick Road, who remembers what it was like to set out from Munchkinland and is still working their way towards the Wizard.

I believe everything of true value comes from work and dedication. Each small success leads exponentially to bigger success.

So, keep one eye on the top and one eye on the immediate path ahead of you.

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