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The Vision vs. The Goal: Achieve the Achievable

Are you setting yourself up for failure or success?

The way to test this is to understand the difference between creating an ideal vision and setting achievable goals. Both are important, but confusing one for the other can lead you to frustration.

A VISION is the dream you are working towards and a result of many contributing factors. A GOAL is a measurable action that is within your power to execute.

Let’s say I want to enroll 10 new clients by the end of the month. This a powerful vision for my business, but that is not an ideal goal. If I make enrolling 10 clients my goal, I’m putting the fate of my success in the hands of the universe. That's why enroll 10 clients is my vision that will hopefully result from all the attainable goals I’m going to set for myself.

So the question becomes: “What do I have the power to do that is not reliant on other people’s decisions or factors beyond my control AND is in service to my vision?”

Here's how I can reframe it. I will reach out to 20 people I’d like to work with and offer a complimentary coaching session. They may say yes, they may say no. But nothing is stopping me from shaking the trees and finding 20 individuals that fit my coaching niche. (If you’re one of these individuals, click here.)

Setting achievable goals starts with identifying what resources you have and how you can best leverage them. What can you go out and do with what you have right now?

You CANNOT make customers buy your product.

You CAN ask 10 friends you share your website with 3 friends.

You CANNOT force a company to hire you.

You CAN polish your resume and send it to 10 potential employers.

You CANNOT demand a job interview.

You CAN roleplay interview techniques with friend or mentor, so you are ready when you get the call.

Your vision is what will come when you dig into your achievable goals with grit, optimism, and confidence.

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