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Blaming the Cool Kids Won’t Help

Organizations and businesses are being transformed by new ideas, new technologies, and new work styles. There is no real consensus on what is the “right” way and which changes are the “right” changes.

It’s perfectly normal for veterans of a particular profession to feel estranged from the new wave of people entering the field. To the trained eye, the newbies appear to be far less qualified in the profession but substantially more skilled at self-promotion.

"Why are they getting all the credit and opportunities when I am so much more qualified?"

"Why are they succeeding more than me, when I’m the REAL DEAL?"

It reminds me of the classic high school hierarchy. The cool kids got all the attention even if they weren’t the most competent, and it brewed resentment and eye rolls from the freaks, geeks, and nerds.

So what’s a talented yet overlooked professional to do?

#1. Stop Blaming the Cool Kids

Your exasperation and irritation is completely understandable, but the cool kids don’t care that their success bothers you. Your resentment is falling on deaf ears. How is it helping your cause? What is it costing you?

#2. Find Your REAL Peers

Seek out the people who will truly appreciate your experience and knowledge. Find the people who can discern the difference between great branding and great talent. Create a community that provides support and encouragement.

#3. Put Your Value Out There.

If you offer something so much more valuable than what is popular, don’t keep it to yourself! I bet there is someone out there desperately searching for what you have to offer. They are looking for the “Real Deal” without the marketing. And there could be even more people out there who would benefit from what they don’t even know they are missing.

“Your value doesn't decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth.”

~Ted Rubin

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