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How Do You Define Success?

What is your finish line?

There are all sorts of ways of measuring success. No measurement is better than another as long as your measurement for success is aligned with your values.

So, what do you value?

When I worked in real estate the brokers would say the sellers could value one of two things, but not both: time or money. They either valued money and committed to waiting for the right buyer. Or they could value time and take a lower price in order to expedite the sale. Trying to get both made it difficult to market the property effectively.

On the other hand, one value doesn’t necessarily exclude the another. The important part is to be honest with yourself recognize what you really value.

If you truly value financial freedom, but you are committing all your time to exercise and recreation, you’ll feel like you are sacrificing one for the other. If you value health and wellness, but you are burning the candle at both ends at work, you’ll feel at war with yourself. Like you are not getting what you need. Because you’re not.

I encourage you to explore the values that are most important to you and figure out how you can begin to act on them in your daily life.

If you value community service, commit to volunteering once a week.

If you value self-care, schedule blocks of time for yourself and honor this time the way you would an appointment with a close friend.

People feel successful when they live their values. No other way of measuring success will feel like success.

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