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Antidote to False Assumptions: More Information

If there is anything you are concerned or worried about. You can continue to be concerned and worried or you can get more information.

One of my clients was prepping to attend a job fair and was not real excited because past job fairs have led to no call-backs or job leads. I challenged her to come up with a new approach. She thought about it and she said, “I wish I could just ask them what they expect from someone applying for the jobs and what a person needs to do to get a call back.”

I replied, “Okay. Why don’t you ask them?”

This opened a whole new avenue to explore. What would happen if instead of going through the motions of dropping off resumes, she approached employers and asked them what they are looking for in a potential employee and what that employee can do to stand out.

When we seek out new information instead of making assumption and interpretations about a situation, it shifts our energy.

My client began to see how her new approach could help her stand out from the crowd. Everyone will be at the job fair just applying for jobs. Meanwhile, she will be engaging employers and making connections. With this new goal of connecting with employers, the mindset and energy she brings to the job fair will be different.

She isn't desperate for a job. She is empowered and curious about what she can do to be more valuable to employers.

The job fair will no longer be an event where she drops off her resume and crosses her figures. She now has a realistic and proactive game plan that she can execute.

If you find yourself making assumptions and interpretations, pause, breath, and find out how you can get more information.

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