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Janet's Favorite Podcasts

If you told me 5 years ago, I would be spending far more time consuming podcasts than Netflix, I would never have believed it. Be here I am a true-blue addict of podcasts. Hook. Line. Sinker. There are countless to choose from and if you are just starting out, here are the ones I listening to regularly.

Hosted by Social Scientist Shankar Vedantam, this series explores the hidden motivations behind why we do what we do. What are the counter-intuitive theories behind human behavior? Each episode is about 30 minutes, so it is a nice short dose of psychology/science to squeeze into a morning and evening commute.

This podcast falls at the other end of the spectrum from Hidden Brain. Each episode is long-form conversation that delves deep into the human spirit and what it means to be human. Tippett interviews all kinds of people including authors, poets, religious leaders, actors, musicians, and physicists. I particularly like listening to her “unheard cuts,” which are the raw unedited interviews -- from sound check to sign-off.

For any budding or emerging entrepreneurs, check out StartUp. The recent episodes profile new businesses, who are facing challenges getting their services and products to market. If you really want to geek out, go back to the beginning and listen to this podcast from the very beginning. The first season is a behind-the-scenes, real-time look at how the founders of Gimlet Media developed, pitched, and launched their business.

Working 9-5 and looking for a creative outlet? You MUST listen to The Project Book. I can’t recommend Alex Cespedes’ podcast enough (and not just because he is a friend.) Alex helps listeners leverage their 5-9 time to launch creative projects and side businesses. He brings in outside voices and offers his own personal knowledge and experience.

This podcast comes from way out in left field both in terms of its content and its place in this recommendation list. I included it for no other reason than I just really like it. It is quirky and amusing in the vein of Twin Peaks and Mystery Science Theatre. Enjoy.

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