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Is it possible to like the struggle during the struggle?

Think back to a time in your life when you were struggling and you came out the other side. Most people look back on these times and have an appreciation for the struggle that they didn’t have at the time.

You can clearly see what you learned. You feel a sense of pride in your resilience. You perhaps understand significance of the challenge. When you think of all that came out of the struggle, would you trade it for an easier path?

Now think of something you are struggling with now. If you knew something really great was going to come out of your struggle, how would you experience the struggle differently?

If you started to experience struggle differently, how likely would you be to endure, or dare I say, embrace it.

Krista Tippett recently shared with her guest that she was working on a collection of prose, which would be her third published book. Tippett said it was harder than her other projects and she didn’t know if she would end up completing it. But then she said, “I know this is part of it.”

“When the mind is denied the emotional sting of losing, it never figures out how to win.”

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