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How do you learn? Hearing or Seeing or Doing?

We all engage with information in different ways and at different times. We can hear it. We can see it. Or we can experience it. Many people know this intuitively, but never really leverage it. If there is something you are trying to learn or accomplish, but you find yourself procrastinating or getting easily bored, maybe you need to change the medium.

For me, it depends on what kind of content I am consuming. I get almost all my news from the radio, and yet I enjoy reading to learn about new subjects. For entertainment, I watch Netflix. That being said, when I have a chance to DO something, that is almost always my first choice. There is abundant access to free online classes and content, but I gladly pay to go to live workshops and events, where I can socialize and interact with others as I learn. That’s when I’m most engaged. I am a predominantly kinesthetic learner.

Think about how you like to consume your information. When are you most tuned in? Hearing, seeing or doing? Here are few recommendations for each:

Auditory (You like to hear information) - Try taking a break from music and enjoy some podcasts and audio books during your commute to work or while exercising.

Up First - Morning news headlines in 12-minutes.

StartUp - Entrepreneurship: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Live from the Paula Pound Stone Institute - Comedic relief to round out your weekend.

Visual (You like to see new information) - For your seeing is believing, and here are few things to look at:

Grit by Angela Duckworth - Take her "grit" scale to find out how gritty you are.

TEDTalk by Carol Dweck - The author of Mindset talks about growth mindset vs. fixed mindset.

The Week - This 35-40-page magazine sums up the week's news from a diverse cross section of global media outlets.

Kinesthetic (You like to experience information) - Go get your hands dirty by finding a group event, seminar, or workshop.

SkillPath – Offers hundreds of live seminars nation wide. Great for anyone in a metropolitan area.

Toastmasters – Thousands of public speaking clubs world-wide, just type in your zip code. – If you are looking for other people doing what you want to do… this is where to find them.

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