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This month, I’m grateful for…

(In no particular order)

Andrew Cromartie for choosing me as his life partner.

Mark Avery and Jessi Dearborn for designing and decorating Christy Kickham’s red Ford Bronco for our post ceremony victory lap through downtown Nantucket.

Christy Kickham for putting on your driver’s cap and chauffeuring us up Main Street.

Jess Manning for the stunning bouquets, boutonnieres, and flower arrangements that turned a simple church hall into an elegant affair.

Father Max Wolf for your touching sermon that made believers, non-believers, and everyone in between feel welcomed and included in your house of worship.

Mom, Dad, Christine, Rob and Tricia for travelling across the country to be here for me and Andrew.

Dee White for bringing us all out to Dune for a post-wedding “roast” of the Bride and Groom.

Jennie Benzie and Kirk Baker for selecting and delivering our liquid libations! (The guests thank you too!)

Taylor Cullen and her team for serving up platter after platter of scrumptious bites, so no one went home hungry. (I have one more tub of butternut squash soup in the freezer!)

Erin and Andy for being my right and left hand throughout the weekend and for all the big and little gifts along the way.

Eve Messing for taking on the task of doing my make-up and forcing me to put on my big girl pants an invest in a decent foundation and an eye primer.

Pam Murphy for teaching us a little swing, so we didn’t look like two nervous middle schoolers during our first dance.

Pete Sendelbach for showing up with ladders and rags to help us clean up the hall and get it ready for the big day.

Cindy Howes for jumping in to read a poem at the ceremony and MC the reception.

Shivali Govindarajulu for introducing Mr. Woody Forest to his new love Mahogany.

Marcela Jones for my elegant shawl for when the temperature dropped.

Sharlene Rudd for turning my discounted David’s Bridal dress into a magnificent gown that was just perfect!

Graeme Durovich and Joe Hammer for playing my favorite waltz for my walk down the aisle.

Laura Burnett for your unexpected and overwhelming generosity including our beautiful etched wine glasses. (You did so much more and we are so grateful).

Jim Perelman for chucking and cheering us on when entered the Town Building to apply for our marriage license.

Eleanor Hallowell for capturing the day.

Becky Hudson and Casey and Steven Boukus for leaving gifts adn goodies in our hotel room to surprise us on our wedding night.

Mike Harter for minding our play list.

I’ll be adding to this list all month, so check back in!


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